488(NZ) Squadron Research

This blog stated out as a “real time” tour with 488(NZ) Squadron through the eyes of my grandfather, 70 years on. However as I write more, I am becoming more interested in 488(NZ) Squadron as a whole. Currently, there is no dedicated web page for 488(NZ) Squadron, or central point of information for researchers of the Squadron.

This set of pages will serve as a starting point to try and gather as much information about the Squadron in one place to assist with future research. As with the blog, I will start small and we will see where we go with it!

I am grateful to Graham Clayton, who is currently looking for a publisher for his history of 488(NZ) Squadron, who has given me permission to share his research on these pages.

If you have anything you wish to share, or believe I should link out to by way of reference, please let me know by using the Contact page.



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