George Vincent Carcasson
GVC Portrait1
November 1913 ~ 2nd August 2000
Enlisted: After 01/11/40 (1330969) – RAF Uxbridge
Commissioned: 24/12/41 (115004)
Trade: Navigator / Radio Operator
01/10/42 – Promoted to Flying Officer
Tour with 157 Squadron
01/09/44 – Posted to 488(NZ) Squadron (as Navigation Officer)
24/12/44 – Promoted to Flight Lieutenant
14/03/45 – Posted to RAF Cranwell for General Duties Signals Course
11/11/58 – Commission relinquished, with the rank of Flight Lieutenant retained
Born George Vincent Plaut-Carcasson at St George’s Hospital, London.
Pre-war employment as engineer/developer at Nash motor cars.
Holder of several patents relating to aircraft navigation (one such example can be seen here)
Post war employment as a Patent Officer and Agent at Phillips until retirement in 1976
Source: Seb Carcasson (Nephew of George)

George Carcasson as a Flight Sergeant

An extract from George Carcasson’s log book.
This post
relates to the flight on 07/viii/44


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