Monthly Archives: January 2019

2019 update

The lifespan of active posts on this blog was always going to be limited by the “real-time” nature of the original posts. Almost 5 years have past since this site was updated regularly, although I have posted if any significant new information came to light.

The site continues to get a good number of hits, and the odd enquiry or request for information from people researching their ancestors’ roles in the war. I hope to be able to add some new Aircrew Biographies in the future, but it is a slow process and only made possible by family members or other researchers providing me with additional information.

I will always share, free of charge and without expectation, any information I have that will help others with their research. If anyone has any information they would like to share; or has any suggestions as to how I could bring this site back to life without detracting from it’s original purpose, I’d love to hear from you.