poppyJames Affleck
FO James Affleck
2nd January 1920 ~ 15th September 1943
Enlisted: 07/07/39 (754419 RAFVR)
Commissioned: 09/06/42 (130906)
Trade: Navigator / Radio Operator
December 1939 – No.5 Initial Training Wing as U/T Pilot (Hastings)
June 1940 – Removed from Elementary Flying School (Unable to land aircraft)
June 1940 – Trained as Air Gunner, then posted to MAEE (Helensburgh)
December 1940 – Posted to 255 Squadron (RAF Kirton in Lindsey – Boulton Paul Defiants)
July 1941 – Posted to No.3 Radio School as U/T Radio Operator (RAF Prestwick)
August 1941 – Posted to 54 OTU No.9 Radio Operator’s Course (RAF Church Fenton)
October 1941 – Posted to 29 Squadron (RAF West Malling – Beaufighters)
November 1941 – Posted to 409 Squadron RCAF (RAF Coleby Grange – Beaufighters)
09/06/42 – Granted Commission as Pilot Officer
10/07/42 – Posted to 488(NZ) Squadron RAF (RAF Church Fenton)
08/03/43 – Posted to 62 OTU on Ground Instructors Duties
September 1943 – Posted to 488(NZ) Squadron RAF (RAF Bradwell Bay)
15/09/43 – Killed in Action
3 claims with 409 Squadron:
08/03/42 – Heinkel III Destroyed
08/04/42 – Dornier 217 Destroyed
08/05/42 – Heinkel III Damaged
(All while acting as Nav/Rad for S/Ldr Richard Macklow Trousdale who he flew with at 255, 409 and 488 Squadrons)
16/02/43 – Successful destruction of a locomotive during Ranger Operations (Again while flying with S/Ldr Trousdale)
Destroyed 1 Heinkel III on 15/09/43. It was this contact that lead to the crash which killed him and F/Lt James Gunn.
Sadly, Jim’s body was never recovered. His name appears on the Bradwell Bay Memorial, and he is also commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Panel 122
Sources: Mike & Murray McBey (Nephews of Jim)
Jim Affleck in the Navigator's seat of a Beaufighter

Jim Affleck in the Navigator’s seat of a Beaufighter (© Mike McBey)


Group photo. Jim Affleck is on the far right. To his left is James Gunn.

Group photo. Jim Affleck is on the far right. To the left of Jim is James Gunn. (© Mike McBey)


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