Andrew John Broodbank
Small Portait
30th November 1922 ~ 27th March 2001
Enlisted: 11/05/42 (1625612) RAF Cardington
Commissioned: 19/06/43 (145037)
Trade: Navigator / Radio Operator
23/03/43 – Navigation training at 5 Air Observer School (RAF Jurby, Isle of Man)
25/05/43 – Qualified as Navigator (Radio)
01/06/43 – Radio training at 62 OTU (RAF Usworth, County Durham)
01/04/43 – Operational training  at 51 OTU (RAF Cranfield, Bedfordshire)
19/06/43 – Granted Commission as Pilot Officer (War Substantive)
04/09/43 – Posted to 488(NZ) Squadron RAF (RAF Bradwell Bay, Essex)
19/12/43 – Promoted to Flying Officer
12/10/44 – Posted to No.1 Radio School (RAF Cranwell, Lincs)
01/06/45 – Posted Supernumerary Signals to RAF Chigwell. Unemployed on signals duties
19/06/45 – Promoted to Flight Lieutenant
17/08/45 – Attached to 55121 TSU. Pending appointment to command 55123 TSU
16/09/45 – Transportable Signals Units disbanded on conclusion of hostilities
12/09/45 – Posted to RAF Stratford for training as Ground Controlled Approach controller
08/11/45 – Awarded permanent commission
14/01/46 – Attached Supernumerary to No.7 GCA Unit, St. Eval
05/03/46 – Posted to No.12 GCA Unit (RAF Honiley, Warks)
22/03/46 – Move of No.12 GCA Unit to RAF Valley
11/10/46 – Discharged
Married Margaret Jean Weeks (Meteorological Officer in the WAAF) (06/04/46)
Successful career as Company Director and eventually Bursar of Kingston Grammar School
Father of 2 daughters, Grandfather to 4, Great Grandfather to 8
Broody standing outside a dispersal hut in flying kit.

Broody standing outside a dispersal hut in flying kit.

on a car

Broody enjoying some “down-time”

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