Gone The Dark Night – now published

I’m really pleased to be able to share the news that Graham Clayton’s history of 488(NZ) Squadron has been published and is now available to purchase online.

gone the dark night

I have just finished reading the book and have to give credit to Graham for writing such a meticulously researched piece of work. The story follows the Squadron’s reforming at Church Fenton in the UK as a night fighter squadron operating Beaufighters through to the conversion to Mk XII, Mk XIII and ultimately Mk 30 Mosquitos as they moved first up to Scotland then to the south of England before crossing the Channel into France and then Belgium where the Squadron was disbanded in the dying days of the war.

The Squadron’s effective use of early versions of Radar is explained in good detail, and leaves you amazed at the ability of the squadron’s airmen as they hunted and identified aircraft in pitch black conditions using a screen that is smaller than most people’s mobile phones!

Graham was able to draw on eye witness accounts of squadron life as well as official records which makes this the most complete record of the Squadron’s activities that has ever been written. The use of contemporary reports and photographs of the time really brings the squadron and it’s personnel back to life.

This book is an essential addition to any wartime aviation historian’s collection and sits well alongside “Defence Until Dawn”, the first biography written by Leslie Hunt soon after the war when Radar and Air Interception was still shrouded in secrecy.

On behalf of the families of 488(NZ) Squadron’s airmen and ground crews, thank you Graham for your tenacity in getting this book researched, written and published!

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