Squadron Aircrew list

Below is a list of known 488(NZ) Squadron Aircrew. I have published it in order to assist relatives and other 488(NZ) Squadron researchers. If you would like any more information on any of the airmen listed below, please get in touch using the “Contact” page and I will do my best to help you.

Equally, if you have any information about one of the airmen in the list that you wish to share, please do let me know.

(This list was originally complied by Graham Clayton, with additions, amendments and corrections made by myself.)

Last update: 23/10/2015

WO Addison William Nathan DFC, DFM RAF 622688 Navigator
Plt Off Adkins Peter Ernest RAF 123855 Navigator
Fg Off Affleck James RAF 130906 Navigator
FS Anderson John RNZAF NZ415234 Pilot
Fg Off Andrewes Arthur Edmund RNZAF NZ1946 Navigator
Fg Off Andrews Arthur Charles RAF 131662 Navigator
Fg Off Arthur Clifford C RNZAF NZ424406 Pilot
Sgt Austin PC RAF Pilot
SLt Bale William Arthur RNVR Pilot
Flt Lt Ball Edward Cecil RNZAF NZ40749 Pilot
Plt Off Ballard Ronald Leonard RAF 187031 Navigator
Plt Off Barnson James Dudley RAF 134040 Navigator
FS Behrent Ernest Henry RNZAF NZ416079 Pilot
Flt Lt Bergemann R Douglas RNZAF NZ412191 Pilot
Fg Off Bishop Kenneth Richard RAF 143214 Navigator
Sgt Boulton Pilot
Flt Lt Bourke Roderick Francis David RNZAF NZ413993 Pilot
Flt Lt Bowman Peter RAF 116573 Navigator
Plt Off Brandon Lewis DSO, DFC & Bar RAF 116886 Navigator
FS Breithaupt William Ransom DFC RCAF J17271 Pilot
Fg Off Breward Noel RNZAF NZ421668 Navigator
FS Bricker Ralph RAF 146684 Navigator
Plt Off Brock George Herbert RNZAF NZ429138 Navigator
Plt Off Broodbank Andrew John RAF 145037 Navigator
Flt Lt Broom Philip William RAF 50924 Navigator
Fg Off Browne Allen Edward DFC RNZAF NZ404986 Pilot
Fg Off Brumby Harold Edward DFC RNZAF NZ421827 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Bryers Phillip R P RNZAF NZ429938 Navigator
Plt Off Buddle Joe Pilot
Sqn Ldr Bunting Edward Nigel DFC & Bar RAF 60523 Pilot
Wg Cdr Burton-Gyles Peter Robert DSO, DFC RAF 40077 Pilot
Sgt Bush DM USAF Pilot
Flt Lt Cairns John Paul Wargrave DFC & Bar RAF 124540 Navigator
Sgt Carcasson George Vincent RAF 115004 Navigator
Flt Lt Cheetham Ronald William RAFVR 1473152 Navigator
FS Church Arthur James RNZAF NZ427188 Navigator
Flt Lt Clark William Terence Montague DFM RAF 126026 Navigator
FS Clark Ian RNZAF NZ425491 Navigator
Sgt Collins CW Pilot
Fg Off Concannon James Joseph RAF 1506938 Navigator
Flt Lt Cook William R RNZAF NZ411375 Pilot
FS Cottrell Rex Frederick RNZAF NZ416214 Navigator
Fg Off Craig William Albert RNZAF NZ4210081 Pilot
FS Creek Ronald Arthur RAFVR 1254796 Navigator
Flt Lt Crookes Arthur norman DFC & Bar(2), MBE RAF 135428 Navigator
Fg Off Cutfield Arthur Stapley RNZAF NZ40719 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Davies H RN Pilot
FS Davison Frank W RNZAF NZ41885 Pilot
SLt DeRenzy Thomas David RNZAF NZ415751 Pilot
Flt Lt Doherty HE RNZAF NZ40645 Pilot
Fg Off Dosier J USAF
Sgt Duncan Colin Campbell RNZAF NZ427193 Navigator
FS Earl Allan C RNZAF NZ42101 Navigator
Fg Off Edwards Ernest Frank RNZAF NZ422378 Navigator
WO Emerton EG RAF 1324264 Navigator
Plt Off Evans HJ Navigator
Flt Lt Ferri Raymond A Pilot
Fg Off Fleming Keith RNZAF NZ413401 Pilot
Flt Lt Folley Roger Roland Westwell RAF 88502 Navigator
WO Follows Noel Evans RAF 187006 Navigator
Flt Lt Fox John David 61485 Pilot
Flt Lt Fritchley NA RNZAF NZ421697 Pilot
Sqn Ldr Gabites Allot RNZAF NZ413054 Pilot
Plt Off Gard’ner John Rushton RNZAF NZ2177 Pilot
WO Gordon Samuel John RAF 155089 Navigator
Fg Off Graham Malcolm DB RNZAF NZ422566 Navigator
Fg Off Grant Brian C RNZAF NZ429663 Navigator
Plt Off Green Dennis Norman RAFVR 149208 Pilot
Flt Lt Green WW RNZAF NZ421044 Pilot
Wg Cdr Gunn James Athol RNZAF NZ402866 Pilot
WO Haine Richard Cummins DFC RAF 43147 Pilot
Flt Lt Hall John Anthony Sanderson DFC & Bar RAF 107269 Pilot
Flt Lt Hall Peter Francis Locking DFC & Bar RNZAF NZ413841 Pilot
Wg Cdr Halligan JP RNZAF NZ424040 Pilot
Lt Hamley Peter Hoare AFC RAF 32010 Pilot
Plt Off Hardern Bruce RN Navigator
Flt Lt Harding F RAF Pilot
Flt Lt Head Norman Sidney RAF 66516 Pilot
Sgt Heckels J Navigator
Fg Off Henderson AB Navigator
Flt Lt Herd Donald RNZAF NZ427054 Navigator
Plt Off Hickmore Edward Stanley DFC RAF 109497 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Hills Oliver Lilburne Rieu RAFVR 161337 Navigator
Fg Off Hobbis Dudley Ormston DFC RAF 42709 Pilot
Sgt Hoile Reginald Thomas S RAF 1254287 Navigator
WO Horspool A RAF Navigator
Plt Off Hughes Cyril Patrick Francis RNZAF NZ414629 Pilot
Flt Lt Irvine Alexander RAF 139513 Pilot
Flt Lt Jacobs Henry DFC RAF 78685 Navigator
WO Jameson George Esmonde DSO, DFC RNZAF NZ41479 Pilot
Fg Off Jeffs Raymond G RNZAF NZ40645 Pilot
Sgt Keeping Kenneth Charles RAF 135154 Navigator
Flt Lt Kemp William RAF 122557 Navigator
Flt Lt Kennedy VA RAF Navigator
Flt Lt Knox Neil McAllister RNZAF NZ413537 Pilot
Sgt Knox Gordon
Fg Off Lamond L RN Navigator
SLt Lawrence George Bruce RNZAF NZ4211018
Plt Off Lewis WRV RAAF 407969 Pilot
SLt Linstead ES RN Pilot
Fg Off Longhorn Robert Henry DFM RAF 49736 Navigator
Flt Lt Longley Harold Watson DFC RNZAF NZ416576 Pilot
FS MacKay Thomas Gilbert Campbell RNZAF NZ421074 Pilot
Flt Lt Maclean Thomas Allan RNZAF NZ422344 Pilot
Fg Off Mallon Thomas Alexander RNZAF NZ415338 Pilot
Fg Off Mansill NMW RNZAF NZ4212686 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Marriott Richard D’Arcy DFC & Bar RAF 141337 Navigator
Flt Lt Marshall John William MID RNZAF NZ42784 Pilot
Fg Off Martin F USAF
Plt Off Masters Dereck Gordon RAF 143873 Navigator
Sgt McBride Patrick Stewart RNZAF NZ40980 Pilot
Fg Off McCabe Owen J RNZAF NZ42424 Pilot
Fg Off McChesney Robert Ian RNZAF NZ40194 Navigator
Flt Lt McDonald FJ RNZAF NZ4216517 Navigator
Sgt McIntyre Athol Gordon RNZAF NZ36257 Pilot
Fg Off McKinnon Athol Charles RNZAF NZ40722
Fg Off Mitchell Reginald W RNZAF NZ416812 Pilot
Fg Off Moore James Herbert AFC RNZAF NZ415351 Pilot
Fg Off Moores Gordon William RAF 128682 Navigator
Sgt Morgan A Navigator
Fg Off Muldrew JK RNZAF NZ422086 Pilot
WO Nagle Kenneth Louis RAF 146343 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Neiderer Rex Keith RNZAF NZ426179 Pilot
Fg Off Nesbitt-Dufort John DSO RAF 29164 Pilot
WO Newman JF RAF Navigator
Plt Off Norton Raymond C RNZAF NZ41649 Pilot
Flt Lt O’Gara Rupert Clark RNZAF NZ414327 Pilot
Fg Off O’Neil-Dunne Patrick Cecil RAF 116609 Navigator
Plt Off Patrick Gordon Stewart RNZAF NZ415010 Pilot
Sgt Payne
Fg Off Peacocke Raleigh John Brandon RNZAF NZ403049
Fg Off Pearson JM RNZAF NZ421651 Pilot
Fg Off Perfect Richard DFC RAF 149495 Navigator
SLt Pickthall AH RN Navigator
Fg Off Pittwood George Ernest RAF 129725 Navigator
Fg Off Prescott Philip F RNZAF NZ424516
Fg Off Procter Luther Donald RAF 149326 Navigator
Plt Off Pryor Clifford Alfred RAF 133211 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Rabone Paul Wattling DFC RNZAF NZ2171 Pilot
Fg Off Rawlings Leslie McDonald RNZAF 413474 Pilot
Sgt Ray AC RNZAF NZ421007 Navigator
FS Rayner Edgar Ronald RAF Navigator
Fg Off Reed Charles Phillip DFC & Bar RAF 104432 Navigator
Flt Lt Reed Graeme Frederick DFC RNZAF NZ402215 Pilot
SLt Richardson R Murray RN Navigator
Plt Off Riley JT RAF 187896 Navigator
Fg Off Riwai Tohunga Richard RNZAF NZ421764 Pilot
Plt Off Robins EP Pilot
Fg Off Robinson Douglas Neville DFC RNZAF NZ413481 Pilot
Sgt Roe JE RAF Navigator
Fg Off Rucklidge John Michael RAF 109351
Flt Lt Ryan Terence Patrick DFC RNZAF NZ2335 Navigator
FS Scott John Hancock MID RNZAF NZ413896 Pilot
Fg Off Scott Howard George RNZAF NZ424527 Pilot
Fg Off Shaw Andrew Latham RNZAF NZ412272 Pilot
Flt Lt Skudder Irwin C RNZAF NZ423234 Navigator
Sqn Ldr Smith Irving Stanley AFC RNZAF NZ43048 Pilot
Fg Off Snoddy V Pilot
Fg Off Sommerville AA RNZAF
Plt Off Southall B Navigator
Fg Off Spedding Edward RAF 149334 Navigator
Plt Off Spence Ian Phillipson RAF 131661
Flt Lt Stewart Kenneth William DFC RNZAF NZ413145 Pilot
Flt Lt Sumner Francis AFM RAF 45840 Pilot
Fg Off Tauwhare Albert Lemcke RNZAF NZ437353 Navigator
Fg Off Taylor Thomas Frederick DFC RAF 188134 Navigator
Plt Off Thomas DA
Plt Off Thompson AA RNZAF NZ42820 Navigator
Sgt Tozer Navigator
Wg Cdr Trousdale Richard Macklow RAF 42163 Pilot
WO Tufill ES RAF 1801319 Navigator
Plt Off Turner AL RNZAF NZ405664
Fg Off Vlotman Christiaan Johan DFC & Vliegerkruis RAF 174839 Pilot
WO Waller George Alfred DFC RAF 149145 Navigator
Fg Off Warner Leonard William RAF 146789 Navigator
Flt Lt Watson Ian DFC RAF 128549 Navigator
FS Watson Keith James RNZAF NZ421799 Pilot
Fg Off Watt Edgar RNZAF NZ404434 Pilot
Wg Cdr Watts Ronald Graham RNZAF NZ404974 Pilot
Sgt Watts SJ RAF Navigator
Flt Lt Webbe Hugh Donald Challenor RAF 121207 Pilot
WO Whewell J RAF Navigator
Sgt Wilmoth RS RAAF 401594 Navigator
Fg Off Wilson Alan William RNZAF NZ416568 Navigator
Fg Off Wilson Chisholm Martyn RNZAF NZ421128 Pilot
Sgt Wood John Leslie DFM & Vliegerkruis RAF 182378 Navigator
Sgt Worsley
Fg Off Win Frank Desmond DFC RNZAF NZ404982 Pilot
Fg Off Wyman Leonard James RAF 184799 Navigator

4 responses to “Squadron Aircrew list

  • Michael woodall

    Flt lt m head dso dfc was a pilot in 514sqdrn raft flying lancasters 1943. My father was his navigator .

    • lifeboatadam

      That would make sense, Michael. Flt Lt head was with 488 Squadron from 13/07/1942 to 09/01/1943. Do you have any other details about him that I can use to update my list?

  • Peter

    Do you have any information about FS. Longhorn?

  • Chris Wyman

    Hi, it’s been a while since we had contact. Just looking at your list and would like to point out that my Dad, Leonard James Wyman, was a Flt Sgt when first posted to 488 but received his Commission and had the rank of Fg Off whilst with the Squadron.
    Also, Andy Shaw was a Pilot.

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