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488 (NZ) Squadron camera gun footage

The Imperial War Museum has added some web-accessible RAF Camera Gun footage to it’s online collection. The video, which can be found by following this link, has over 250 clips of 16mm cine “camera gun” film showing successful combats.

The collection includes 7 clips of 488(NZ) Squadron kills. The quality of the footage is understandably poor, and nothing like the shocking combat footage that we have been shown of more recent war zones. However, we must take into account the quality of the film itself; and the fact that all these combats were filmed in the dark. I believe that they do all add to the story of the Squadron.

For ease, I have listed the combats below, and referenced the time stamp on the video so that you can easily find the clip you are interested in. I should point out that the dates on the clips refer to the actual date of the combat which may differ to the dates quoted on this site. This is because my reference is the Squadron’s ORB which will record a victory on the day the pilot took off – therefore flights that span midnight may be a day out.

Timestamp Pilot Date
07:48 Sqn Ldr Bunting 14/iii/44
10:02 Fg Off Vlotman 22/iii/44
10:10 Flt Lt J Hall 22/iii/44
10:16 Sqn Ldr Bunting 22/iii/44
21:41 WO Bourke 19/iv/44
21:48 Flt Lt J Hall 19/iv/44
38:22 Flt Lt J Hall 15/v/44



2/ii/44 – Squadron Photo

488(NZ) Squadron RAF 2nd February 1944

488(NZ) Squadron RAF
2nd February 1944

On 2nd February 1944, a photo was taken of the Squadron’s aircrew. The copy from Broody’s collection is well annotated with the name and rank of all present. There are some notable absences, including Vlotman & Wood, Hall P & Marriott and Hall J & Cairns. This may be because of leave; or as I can account for 3 entire crews absent, possibly some NFT flights. (There were no operational flights until 21:05 on this day). There are also 3 crews from the Fleet Air Arm (back row, in the centre) who were attached to the Squadron for night fighting training.

Broody is standing 4th from the left on the second row, directly behind Jack Scott. It is great to have such a well annotated photo, which allows me to put faces to so many names I have read about in the ORB and elsewhere.