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Squadron Aircrew List updated

I have just published an update to the Squadron Aircrew list. A few new Christian Names and Service Numbers have been added.

The page can be found here or by navigating through the 488(NZ) Squadron Research tab at the top of the page.

As always, if anyone has any corrections or additions to this list, I would be delighted to hear from you via the contacts page.


Aircrew Biographies

I have made a start on adding some Aircrew biographies to the site. They include service histories and photographs not previously seen. This has only been possible with the help of relatives of these airmen, and I am grateful to them for their help.

You can see the biographies added to date here or by navigating through the 488(NZ) Squadron Research link at the top of the page.

If you have any information about an Airman of this Squadron, and would like to see a biography included, please get in touch using the Contact page.

2/ii/44 – Squadron Photo

488(NZ) Squadron RAF 2nd February 1944

488(NZ) Squadron RAF
2nd February 1944

On 2nd February 1944, a photo was taken of the Squadron’s aircrew. The copy from Broody’s collection is well annotated with the name and rank of all present. There are some notable absences, including Vlotman & Wood, Hall P & Marriott and Hall J & Cairns. This may be because of leave; or as I can account for 3 entire crews absent, possibly some NFT flights. (There were no operational flights until 21:05 on this day). There are also 3 crews from the Fleet Air Arm (back row, in the centre) who were attached to the Squadron for night fighting training.

Broody is standing 4th from the left on the second row, directly behind Jack Scott. It is great to have such a well annotated photo, which allows me to put faces to so many names I have read about in the ORB and elsewhere.