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02/ix/44 – Last Patrol of the Tour

2nd September 14:10
DH Mosquito XIII MM558 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
With S/Ldr Watts. A/I rather poor

PATROL – GCI 15083 (Radox)
10m off Normandy coast, between Avranches & Le Havre. At 6000ft over cloud. Bright moon & not a thing about.

And so almost a year to the day that he arrived at RAF Bradwell Bay to join 488(NZ) Squadron, Broody flies his last Operational Patrol of the tour. Today is also his final flight in “The Mighty E”.

In all, Broody has now flown a total of 176 hours 5 minutes on Operations. Of these, all were night operations apart from 35 minutes of daytime ops when he was scrambled to search for lost B17 Fortresses of the 8th USAF in January.

In that time, although he never had any “success” in destroying an enemy aircraft, the countless bogies discounted as friendly due to his interceptions played a valuable part in the war effort. There were, of course, some hairy moments. He was shot at a number of times (by allied aircraft); suffered mechanical failure; got coned in a German searchlight; and had a near miss with the French coast.

There are still a few more entries in the journal, and another month with the Squadron, but the Operational side is over – Broody has survived his war.


24/viii/44 – More A/I Mk.X training and a patrol off Le Havre

24th August 14:20
Pilot: F/O Collier
Instructor: F/Lt Clemo DFC
U/T Navigator (R): Self
U/T Navigator (R) F/O Skudder
U/T Navigator (R): F/S Brock
U/T Navigator (R): Sgt Tuffill
Crossing flights – target straight & level

DH Mosquito XIII MM558 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
All Ok.

PATROL – GCI 15121 (Legion)
On North & South line, South East of Le Havre at 8000ft. Lively sea activity, but nothing in the air.

21/viii/44 – Patrol in very bad weather

21st August 03:20
DH Mosquito XIII MM558 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
– GCI 15121 (Legion)
Le Havre & Liseaux area. Mostly at 7000ft, but between 5 & 12,000ft trying unsuccessfully to get out of Cu & Cu Nimb clouds. Very bumpy & severe electrical storm. Two bogies – both discounted on IFF before contact. Down to 500ft over Isle of Wight & rest of the way home. Bumpier still!

With W/O Moore, in poor weather.

18/viii/44 – Patrol off Le Havre with F/Lt Cook

18th August 03:20 
DH Mosquito XIII MM558 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/Lt Cook
Navigator (R): Self
PATROL – GCI 15121 (Legion)
N & S Patrol @ 8,000 ft on a 20 mile line Soth East of Le havre. Nothing at all in the air, but much ground activity.
Starboard CSU fully coarse (1800rpm) while setting course for home – linkage broken. All Ok.

12/viii/44 – Patrol over France

12th August 14:40
DH Mosquito XIII MM558 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
With P/O McCabe.

PATROL – GCI 15121 (Legion)
South East if Le Havre & Seine Estuary. One bogey – Mitchell. Engaged by Hun searchlights while breaking away after identifying it. Considerable activity on the ground to the West.

Also on this day, the body of P/O Oliver Hills was interred at Epsom Cemetery. You may remember that Hills was one of the early casualties of Broody’s tour. He and S/Ldr Dudley Hobbis were killed on 25/xi/43. F/O Jack Warner represented the Squadron at the burial.


15/vi/44 Patrol and Success for F/Lt P Hall

15th June 00:30
DH Mosquito XIII HK427 ME-L (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
PATROL – Fighter Direction Tender 216
In east of beach area, le Havre & Caen. Considerable activity. Two bogies – one discounted on account of IFF & one Halifax.
(1 Ju 88 destroyed by F/Lt PFL Hall & F/O Rd’A. Marriott)

F/Lt Peter Hall and his Nav/Rad Flg Off Dick Marriott, flying in aircraft MM513 ME-D destroyed a Ju88 approximately 7 miles west of St-Lô. The “Pilots Personal Combat Report” reads:

“On patrol near Bayeux I was given 240 degs. By GCI 82, onto a bogey at 8 miles range, target travelling 320 degs. After various vectors contact obtained at 2 miles range, at 0220 hrs. Height 7,000 ft. Course 340 degs. Closed on gently weaving and climbing target and got visual of Ju.88, rnage 1,000ft, height 9,000 ft. Opened fire at 200 yds range, dead astern. Strikes seen and enemy aircraft peeled off to port. Second burst fired as he peeled off, without effect. Visual lost but contact held on AI as target dived to 4,000 ft, weaving. Second visual obtained at a range of 1,000 ft. Several short bursts were fired from which further strikes were seen. Finally, I closed to 100 yds, and E/A exploded after a one second burst. E/A disappeared below, flaming, and hit the ground where wreckage was seen clearly burning. Position probably 5 to 10 miles south west of St-Lô [approximate position given as 49°N 01° 10’W]. Debris was felt to strike own A/C and radiator temperature of starboard engine was seen to rise, so that airscrew was feathered and we returned to base, switching on the R/T when required. Landed Zeals 0325 hrs”

This was Peter Hall’s 3rd victory of his tour to date