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26/xi/43 – Patrol, and another ME.410 success for the Squadron

26th November 01:00
DH Mosquito XIII HK368 (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: P/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
PATROL – Trimley & Foreness
Transferred to Foreness for calibration, then back to Trimley. Vectored after two bogies & called off both – already identified as friendly. Chased third bogey doing very violent evasive action, including tight orbits. Fleeting visuals at 4000ft. Eventually called off as Control insisted friendly. (Later claimed to be Sandwich fighter on patrol)
[1 ME.410 destroyed by F/O P.F.L.Hall & P/O R.D Marriott]

Hall and Marriott were also on patrol under Trimley GCI. After being vectored onto the enemy aircraft and visual contact made, at which point it was identified as a ME.410, Hall opened fire from a range of 200 yards with a ½ second burst of cannon. At this point, strikes were seen on the fuselage followed by a large yellow explosion. A further ½ second burst missed, and the ME410 dived into cloud. Hall could not continue the chase as he was close to the French border. Initially the crew claimed 1 ME.410 Damaged, but after an admission on German radio the following day that they had lost an aircraft, a successful application was made to upgrade the claim to Destroyed.