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15/viii/44 – 50th kill for the Squadron

Just after midnight on 15/vii/44, F/Lt Johnny Hall DFC and F/Lt Jock Cairns DFC were on a Patrol in the Caen area of Northern France under the control of CGI station 15083 (Radox). Contact was briefly made on a JU188, which despite coming under 3 short bursts of fire from the Mosquito’s 20mm cannon, evaded destruction.

Shortly afterwards, Cairns picked up a freelance contact, and the crew homed in on and destroyed a JU88. Two 2 second bursts of cannon fire destroyed the enemy aircraft, which spun and crashed to the ground in flames, but not before the JU88’s dorsal gunner managed to return fire (ineffectively) on the Mosquito.

This kill chalked up the 50th victory for 488(NZ) Squadron.

“A “Fiftieth” victory party was held. A bounty of Fifty pounds had been offered to the ground crew of the aircraft that achieved the fiftieth kill for the squadron and Hall and Cairns were pleased to be able to win it for their support crew and the pair of them no doubt played a big part in the celebrations.”
(Graham Clayton – “Gone the Dark Night”)

The 15th also saw F/Lt Jamie Jameson leave the Squadron for repatriation to New Zealand. From the ORB:

“He is our most successful pilot, and is now being repatriated to New Zealand having completed two tours of operations. We are indeed sorry to lose such a gallant comrade and wish him ‘Kai Ora’ in his new sphere.”