28/vii/44 – Guest appearance and another success for Terry Clark

On 27/vii/444, F/Lt WTM Clark paid another visit to 488(NZ) Squadron from North Weald. On this occasion, he was able to team up with his old pilot, Doug “Robbie” Robinson and fly 2 operational sorties. This came about as Robinson’s regular Nav/Rad, F/O K.C “Cherub” Keeping was on the sick list. An off the cuff offer to fly with Robbie lead to the OK from W/Cdr Haine.

Robbie and Terry took off in aircraft MM439 at 23:35 to fly a patrol in the Caen area. Yardley GCI tasked them to investigate a bogie. Robinson described the contact in his “Personal Combat Report”

“After various vectors my observer reported he had contact 2½ miles range 2 o’clock height 10,000 ft. We took over from Yardley and I obtained a visual on a Ju188 at a range of 600’ 10° above 12 o’clock. He was flying in a layer of haze proceeding north. I realised that my overtaking speed was too great and to avoid overshooting I throttled back.

Enemy aircraft was doing 220 mph. He must have seen my exhaust flames at this moment and opened fire – Ventral guns which fired tracer and which disappeared below. There were no strikes. Enemy aircraft immediately peeled off to port and I followed and closed in to 150 yards range. We were both going down. I opened fire and gave him a short burst but here were no strikes, owing to the fact I had too much deflection.

I closed in again to 100 yards still going down. I opened fore and gave short burst and enemy aircraft blew up. He was still going down when he blew up. I levelled out and did a steep turn to port continuing an orbit and watching the enemy aircraft go down in flames, hitting the ground with a terrific explosion lighting up the area. The kill took place at 01:18 hours 10/15 miles north of Mayenne.”

This was Robinson’s 3rd victory to date, and his second with Clark.


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