09/vii/44 – Eventful Patrol

9th July 00:15
DH Mosquito XIII MM558 ME-E (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scot
Navigator (R): Self
PATROL – GCI 15082 (Yardley)
E&W Patrol parallel with the beaches. Very eventful. 3 bogies:
(i) Mosquito with resins & IFF – Well behaved.
(ii) Definite Hun. Contact at 9,000 ft over Bayeux. Target dived through cloud & flak, evading hard to sea-level. (Our altimeter reading 600 ft.) Continued to evade & pilot got a fleeting visual in the moon at 3,000 ft – believed a He177 or Ju188. Finally lost contact up the Seine estuary near Honfleur, where returns from the coast blotted out the tube, we having to climb steeply to avoid hitting the coast.
(iii) Another Mosquito being shot at over Cherbourg. Contact at 7,000ft – dived to 5,000 ft & did two orbits & a sharp 90° turn before visual. One resin & weak IFF.
Weather unfit at base & Hurn. Landed Ford.

Shocking weather – cloud at 300ft & much rain.

The story of the 2nd contact of the evening is one that I remember my grandfather telling me about. The enemy aircraft flew towards the coastal cliffs, and directed by a beacon or radio signal, pulled up at the last minute. As ME-E was not fitted with an appropriate receiver, they did not get the signal, and only through good fortune and keen eyes did they spot the oncoming cliff in time, and were able to climb to avoid hitting the coast.


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