12/iv/44 –Cross Country navex & Patrol

12th April 15:30
DH Mosquito XII MM439 (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
Little Clacton ~ Thorley ~ Baldock ~ Little Sampford ~ Sudbury ~ Little Clacton

PATROL – Sandwich GCI
Some activity on the SE. Two chases. One contact for 20 secs – Lost when target threw out some window & turned into a concentration of it. The other reached home first. Returned with boost-surge & flames from starboard engine.

The late evening Patrol saw Broody’s closest encounter with the enemy to date. A 20 second A/I contact, which would have been maintained – with Broody giving Jack course alterations until a visual identification was made – came to an abrupt end when the aircraft being chased deployed “window” – essentially squares of tin foil, which would have messed up the radar picture, making them “invisible” again.

A second chase also came to nothing, but once again, Broody and Jack returned to Bradwell Bay in their predominantly wooden aircraft with an engine on fire!


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