11/iv/44 – A/I Demonstration in a Beaufighter

11th April 15:55
Bristol Beaufighter VIII MM868 (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: F/O Robinson
2nd Pilot: F/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
U/T Navigator (R): F/S Emerton
Demonstration for F/O Scott


4 responses to “11/iv/44 – A/I Demonstration in a Beaufighter

  • Pierre Lagacé

    Again as I commented before…

    About Bristol Beaufighter VIII

    Beaufighter Mk VIII
    Proposed Australian-built variant with Hercules 17 engines, not built.

    • lifeboatadam

      It is interesting Pierre. The log book (an official record and signed by the CO) and journal all refer to the Mk.VIII. I have no other squadron logs etc to cross reference with, so am currently transcribing the journal entries verbatim.

      • Pierre Lagacé

        Very strange indeed.

        I would put a footnote when you encounter this entry to let your readers know.
        This is not nitpicking in any way. Errors are found everywhere. It shows your readers how you take this seriously.

  • Pierre Lagacé

    Page 13


    MM865 Bristol 156 Beaufighter VIf
    MM866 Bristol 156 Beaufighter VIf
    MM867 Bristol 156 Beaufighter VIf
    MM868 Bristol 156 Beaufighter VIf
    MM869 Bristol 156 Beaufighter VIf
    MM870 Bristol 156 Beaufighter VIf

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