20/xii/43 – Scramble under Searchlight & Sandwich control

20th December 05:30
DH Mosquito XIII HK420 (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: P/O Scott
Navigator (R): Self
SCRAMBLE – Searchlights & Sandwich
Much panic. Chasing sundry intersections. Contact on Hun with fighter already on his tail. Transferred to Sandwich as reinforcement & set blew up after 55 mins.
[1 ME410 destroyed by F/O D.N.Robinson & F/O W.T.M Clark DFM]

This sounds like a busy Scramble! The following extract from the ORB records Robinson and Clark’s success.

“F/O D.N.Robinson, Pilot and F/O W.T.M.Clark, Navigator/Radio in Mosquito HK457 intercepted and destroyed an ME410 which crash landed near Rye, Sussex. F/O Robinson made excellent use of the searchlights and as this was the only Hun shot down, it reflects great credit on our Pilot”


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