06/xii/43 – Undercarriage problems during NFT & uneventful Patrol

6th December 13:55
DH Mosquito XII HK227 (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: P/O Scott Navigator (R): Self
NFT & Cine-Gun
Starboard u/c leg failed to lock down. Tried various methods, flying over Watch Office etc. Finally came in using emergency hand-pump. Wheel not locked, but stayed down. Tailwheel collapsed at end of runway, but no damage to A/C.

DH Mosquito XIII HK375 (A/I Mk.VIII)
16,000ft on Trimley, then to Foreness as target at 8,000ft. Returned after 2 hrs for canopy.

"A Flight Dispersal" (Standing L-R) F/O Scott S/Ldr Watts (Seated L-R) F/O Broodbank F/O Robinson

“A Flight Dispersal”
(Standing L-R) F/O Scott S/Ldr Watts
(Seated L-R) F/O Broodbank F/O Robinson

This photo is glued into the journal on the page opposite these flights. I am not sure if that dates the photo to December 1943, but I think it is worth including. The original was quite dark, so I have adjusted the light balance and contrast of the image slightly so you can get a feel for the types of information on the wall of the Dispersal Hut – a map of the airfield and numerous silhouettes of aircraft for recognition.

(It is worth pointing out that this image has been posted on other sites, with various other “owners” credited. The image above is from a scan of the photo in Broody’s journal, so I claim this particular copy as mine. If we ever identify the original photographer who seems to have made copies of several images around this time, as shared them with Squadron mates, I’ll gladly credit as appropriate!)


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