22/xi/43 – Aircraft abandoned after cockpit fire

22nd November 16:25
DH Mosquito XIII HK368 (A/I Mk.VIII)
Pilot: W/Cdr Hamley AFC
Navigator (R): Self
Poor landing first time – offensive remarks by Navigator resulted in another take-off. Second time red light for Starboard wheel showed all the time, so came in with light on & horn blowing – holding selectors down. Landed OK & stopped engines to put in ground u/c locks. Starboard engine refused to restart on aircraft acco. Plugged in trolley-acc & IIIG  IFF Control panel caught fire on “Contact”
A/C abandoned!

Today Broody was back flying with W/Cdr Hamley, the CO of the Squadron; and his old pilot from OTU days. I am not sure what this episode tells us about the relationship between Broody and the CO, but I am sure that in normal circles, verbally abusing the CO was definitely not acceptable! This story could easily have had a nasty ending, though. The second take-off leading an eventful landing with undercarriage failure and ultimately a fire in the cockpit from the IFF panel!!


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