Gone the Dark Night – Graham Clayton

Before I found my Grandfather’s journal, I had tried to research 488(NZ) Squadron and my grandfather’s role in the squadron through the power of google. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed to find that there is not much in-depth information readily available about the squadron. There seemed to be far more about the Squadron’s first incarnation in Singapore than their time in the UK.

Through a New Zealand forum, I was eventually put in touch with Graham Clayton, son of Bert Clayton who had served as groundcrew with 488(NZ) Squadron. Graham has written a book on the Squadron’s time in Singapore (Last Stand In Singapore). This book is the oft-quoted point of reference for that period of the Squadron’s history.

Graham was able to give me some great pointers in my research, and I am grateful for the help he has given me. He is currently writing a book with the working title “Gone the Dark Night” and covers the entire history of 488(NZ) Squadron in narrative form from its inception in the UK until Wars end in 1945.

Graham would be most interested to hear from anyone who may be able to provide information for this book, especially relatives of squadron members who may be able to provide “eye-witness” information to bring the book to life. You can contact Graham at this email address.


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