488(NZ) Squadron Operations Record Book

A couple of weeks ago, in a moment of idle curiosity, I ran a search for “488 Squadron” on the National Archives database. One of the items that came up was the Operations Record Book. It took a couple of days for the NA to quote for monochrome copies of the books, delivered on a CD-ROM, but I am now in posession of the Squadron’s ORB for both inceptions of the Squadron during the war. All for £10. A great service for anyone else researching family history.

I was never really interested in history at school. I’m not sure why, and it certainally wasn’t for a lack of good teachers. One history teacher, Jonny Taylor, would always remind us that history is only as good as your sources. “Sources are everything to the historian” he would say. I expect he would be suprised to know that I remember his words 25 years on – but he was spot on!

The more sources I lay may hands on, the more my grandfather’s story comes alive. So the more interested I get. The deeper I dig. The more sources I lay my hands on……


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