15/ix/43 – Loss of F/Lt Gunn & F/O Affleck

15th September 15:50
Bristo Beaufighter VIII MM868 (A/I Mk VIIIA)
Pilot: F/O Hall
Navigator (R): Self
Navigator (R): F/Sgt Riley
A/I Practice
Mk VIII Practice – Weapon Bent

Sadly 15/ix/43 saw the first casualties of Broody’s tour. Jimmy Gunn and Jock Affleck were killed during an exchange of fire with a Heinkel bomber. Leslie Hunt recalls in his history of 488 Squadron “Defence until Dawn” that Gunn and Affleck’s hunt for the enemy aircraft was being monitored on the radio in dispersal. There was enthusiasm all round as Gunn first engaged the target. The Heinkel’s loss was witnessed by airmen at a coastal Radar station, and the news passed back to 488’s dispersal to great excitement. Sadly, nothing further was heard from Gunn, and it soon became aparent that they would not return.

All casualties of 488 Squadron during Broody’s tour appear in the Roll of Honour


2 responses to “15/ix/43 – Loss of F/Lt Gunn & F/O Affleck

  • Mike McBey

    Jim “Jock” Affleck was my Uncle, and after much searching, I’m very pleased to have found your interesting & informative site.

  • lifeboatadam

    Thanks for your kind words. Please let me know if there is anything else relating to Jock Affleck that you require help with. Please use the Contact tab at the topofo the page. Coincidentally, I very recently got an email from a relative of Jimmy Gunn. Small world!

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