No 24 Course – Group Photo

Here is a photo of the members of No 24 Course, 51 OTU. Broody is 4th row, 4th from the right. He is incorrectly named as Sgt. A J Broadbent!


No.21 Course, 51 OTU. RAF Cranfield
August 1943

Back Row: Sgt.J.V.Burleton, Sgt.E.A.Johnson, Sgt.D.Maddock, Sgt.J.D.Walker, Sgt.L.E.Cable, Sgt.W.T.Cox, Sgt.F.E.Treble, Sgt.B.W.S.Graham, Sgt.J.L.Coster, Sgt.J,B.Dunford, Sgt.C.J.S.Mumford.

4th Row: Sgt.R.P.Belsey, Sgt.J.K.Goslin, Sgt.J.R.Rae, Sgt.A.F.Beckett, Sgt.L.C.A.Wall, Sgt.W.E.Tofts, Sgt.W.J.Hutchins, Sgt.W.E.Seckington, Sgt.A.J.Broodbank, Sgt.D.G.Thomas, Sgt.R.O.Symon.

3rd Row: Sgt.R.Caistor, Sgt.P.D.Ratcliffe, Sgt.J.G.D.Hislop, Sgt.G.H.Vaux, Sgt.R.E.Evans, Sgt.A.C.Odd, Sgt.H.W.Hoskins, Sgt.R.A.Pargeter, Sgt.A.Lothian, Sgt.A.Halliday, Sgt.C.F.Adams, Sgt.J.Gordon.

2nd Row: Sgt.D.J.Carter, Sgt.K.Dutton, Sgt.R.G.Hill, Sgt.W.S.H.Cole, Sgt.M.A.Clough, Sgt.H.Jones, Sgt.R.G.B.Pickles, Sgt.L.G.Mayhew, Sgt.D.B.Smith, Sgt.P.J.O’Malley, Sgt.R.O.Jones, Sgt.A.M.Webster

Front Row: Sgt.D.E.Whitehead, F/Sgt.W.Alderton, P/O.J.C.Horlock, P/O.A.G.Kirk, P/O.K.H.Bernau, P/O.V.H.C.Hannawin, F/Lt.E.C.Cox, F/O.E.W.Parry, P/O.W.R.Coggins, W/O.S.E.Lucas, P/O.O.S Dawes, Sgt.W.Bone, Sgt.H.G.Baits

I would love to hear from anyone who spots an ancestor in this photo.


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